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Men of Honour Nomination Form
Think about the men you know and the qualities and values they bring to their work, their families and their communities. What ways have they assisted or advocated on behalf of vulnerable persons - children, women & fellow men.
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About the Categories

Awarding local “visionaries” who mobilise community
members to collectively transform their village/town.
Our distinct point of view for this award is to acknowledge an
individual’s approach to providing local solutions to local issues.
This person demonstrates the ability to:
• See differently: has multidisciplinary perspective helps
him to see challenges in unique ways.
• Think differently: apply leadership and expertise to social
issues—and find unique solutions.
• Act responsibly: passion and perseverance create lasting change.
T his Man of Honour thinks outside of the box to bring local,
sustainable solutions to local issues. This Man of Honour
can be found in your community and across the globe.
Awarding “sportsmen” who positively impacted their
communities by organising friendly games and mentoring the
best players to represent at local, district and provincial levels.
Mentoring is an effective and powerful learning opportunity for
both mentee and mentor and one we believe will form part of
a wider sports development drive in both the immediate and
long term future.
This award recognizes individuals who have developed sport
mentoring programmes based on three principles:
• Educating and developing young men and women on the
principles of good sportsmenship.
• Creating a diverse group of individuals with a range of skills
to best support the development of high performance ethics
• Raising the standards of coaching skills and expertise within
local sporting codes
In doing so, we will create a resource of individuals who
we hope will play a significant role in engaging youth as
ambassadors through sports.
Awarding local “philanthropists” in communities who give
back to their communities in sustainable projects.
This award acknowledges an individual’s investment in setting
up either short term or long term job creation programmes
where opportunities are created for more sustainable livelihoods
and skills acquisition. The outcome of such activities is to create
the prospect of restored dignity and guidance of where people
should turn to next. Programmes carried out by such individuals
promote peace and sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable
groups, including women, youth, and displaced people through
sustainable businesses.
Awarding youth champions who are making a difference
amongst youths in communities. The Young Man of
Honour leads their peers and invests skills, knowledge and
confidence in other young people to act as peer mentors,
increasing their awareness of cross-cutting issues in today’s
Papua New Guinea and encouraging involvement in activities
to promote goodwill and citizenship.
This award recognises young men who have been outstanding,
championing children and young people’s involvement at all
levels. The Youth Champion sacrifices time and energy for
others, he is able to work with and see people and situations in
a constructive way and has a team-player mindset of looking
out for others and lifting others up. Nominees for this category
must be between the ages of 16 and 25.

Awarding “leaders” who show and accept pardon in the
face of adversity. This award recognizes individuals who
exhibit effective governance and commitment to long-term
and comprehensive engagement with institutions, local
communities and or various not-for-profit organizations.
Nominated candidate has to have proven leadership
competencies in a project or activities that build and harness
capabilities of individuals, communities and institutions so that
they can in turn create their own destinies.
Papua New Guinea today is overwhelmed by rapid urbanization
and the impact of burgeoning young populations without access
to work and opportunity. With the dramatic increase in all forms
of violence: criminal activity, local conflict over land and natural
resources, and inter-ethnic or communal violence;
we are looking for ordinary men doing extraordinary things to
make a positive difference.
The Man of Honour is the most outstanding male citizen
who has championed an opposition to violence, making his
community increasingly safe, peaceful and harmonious.
Awarding “teachers” in communities who are mentors/life
coaches, building stronger communities through the power
of education in action. This award acknowledges an individual
who strives to address inequalities and inadequacies in our
classrooms and communities, urban and rural for students
aged 0 to 100 with or without a dissability.
This man has inspired individuals and communities to
invest effectively
The Allen Mahuru Posthumous Service Award, recognizes the
outstanding contributions in service a person has made to their
community during their lifetime on earth. Nominees for this
award left a legacy of positive and selfless actions that is living
on long after their death. The legacy left behind has created
pathways for future generations to want to be someone great.

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